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Why choose ?

I have a 9 years track record helping international non-for-profit organisations based in Brussels staying or becoming more financial sustainable, by helping them with their finance and administration management. 

The market has potential (more than 400 NGOs financed (partly) by the EU institutions via grants, only in Brussels). The business as it stands is growing (turnover quadrupled between 2016 and 2017, hiring of our first staff besides the business owner) but is limited at the moment to basic consulting. For the business to scale, we are reviewing our clients' processes to make it more authomatic.

We have been noticing that non-for-profits that financed themselves with grants have a higher administrative burden than others, mainly because the grants management itself is still quite "archaic" in most NGOs and internal staff haven't been always open to changing their practices. But things are changing and the digitalisation of the sector has started and will only increase in years to come. We want to capitalise on this trend to become the leading provider of online grant management tools for NGOs.


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