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Why choose Landfriend ?

Landfriend is currently usable by smartphones and PCs via the web platform in Belgium.
After the first 6 months we have received many reports, from the community, that we can access the service also from other European countries with a greater number of agri-food products available, using a shared logistic system (the current logistics system is only based by international couriers and can not be used to transport products in a sustainable and transparent way).

The funds raised and the aid received will therefore be used for this purpose:

- to finance development in other markets in order to extend the possibilities of Landfriend’s use to other countries as well as Belgium through the logistics service shared by European travellers;

- support with greater continuity the mass dissemination of the project in order to expand the community of users and offer an ever better service.

- increase staff: Landfriend are looking for a motivated and results-driven sales officer to join our growing team.

Landfriend's mission is to reach 20k consumers across Europe over the next years and need funding of 50k to implement the multichannel communication strategy.

Become a Landfriend PARTNER, patners always go for win-win!


Why participating at the Boostcamp: Entrepreneurship is difficult to be taught. However, it is essential to take on certain competences. By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who takes a significant risk. Of course, this cannot be taught me. In order for it to succeed, have a strong understanding of a very wide range of skills. Some "entrepreneurial skills" such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing, basic web design and law. All of us entrepreneurs should have a basic understanding of all these issues, during the Boostcamp this knowledge has helped me grow my business so that I can hire professionals to specialize and focus on management, planning, sales. You cannot teach someone to be an entrepreneur, but I have learned from the Boostcamp how to succeed.



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